Menif Financial Services Ltd

providing mezzanine financing for equity
to promoters and contractors in the construction
sector since 1999 in Israel and abroad.

Mezzanine finance product

The equity component is the most important element for the real estate sector both during recessionary periods when equity resources are limited and the banks demand for higher equity rate and in periods of growth when the need for equity increases. As a result, the mezzanine finance product has become increasingly attractive in both the Israeli market and worldwide. Thus, the mezzanine finance instrument provided by the company has been and continues to be highly successful.

The company is a leader in the field in Israel.

As of the second half of 2020 the company is involved in the financing of over 5,000 residential units throughout Israel, to a value in excess of almost 10 billion NIS and hundreds of residential units and thousands square meters of commercial areas abroad. The activity is carried out with a wide variety of developers and contractors, including large companies. The company has a high reputation in the market and returning customers.

The company was established by a number of entities,
who provide a strong and a stable response to the financing requirements:

דיסקונט קפיטל
מבטח שמיר

The mezzanine financing is at an average level of about 50%-70% of the equity required by the bank escort account while the financing is provided in cash to the financing bank.

The company provides mezzanine financing to long-standing developers of proven experience.

The company is involved in the provision of mezzanine financing to developers.

The security for the financing is by means of a secondary rank mortgage on the land and the financing account at the bank, subordinate to the first rank mortgage in favor of the lending bank.

By means of the profit sharing formula Menif gives benefits to the developer by setting profit brackets.

The consideration for the financing is by way of a share in the profits of the project.

Advantages to the developer

Our participation in equity enables the developer to increase activities, and has the following advantages:


  • Leveraging of his equity and achieving higher returns on capital;
  • Exploitation of business opportunities;
  • Increased overall profit (our share in the profit is always lower than our share in the investment);
  • Improved utilization of the developer's fixed costs, resulting in increased profits;
  • Spreading of risks by increasing the number of projects;
  • Wider project deployment;
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